About Us

Hello! Welcome to our shop "Collection Affection!"

We know the joy and excitement of adding a new collectible to an ever growing collection.
I created this shop in order to sell and distribute amazing collectibles that range from everything that is cartoons, comics, anime, sci-fi, cinema and much more!

Growing up as a kid in the late 90's and early 2000's, I loved watching cartoons and playing games in the mornings and late at nights with my older brother! Cartoons such as Rugrats, SpongeBob, Johny Bravo, Dragon Ball, Yugioh and Inuyasha and games like Super Mario 64 as well as Pokemon and Yugioh the TCG! We then later on learned that some of those very same "cartoons" were a type of animation from Japan labeled "Anime" and there was sooo much more unseen here in the US of A back then.

So in the process of learning about it, my older brother Eddy got more into it, by buying DVD's of anime never shown on modern cable. Soon after, I copied him and started getting my own anime DVD's and such to see the abundance of series not casually ran into. Anime after anime I then decided to purchase my very 1st figure!

That was the start of Collection Affection in a sense, it started with a passion from people who grew up with this amazing fandom culture! Back in 2015 was the 1st visible idea of Collection Affection I put out into the world, and although he was always supporting and watching from a distance in 2019 is when Big Bro Eddy joined Collection Affection and gave Collection Affection and myself the push it needed in 2019 to open our 1st store in our home town in California.

Soon after, some unexpected situations in early 2020 caused us to relocate Collection Affection to the great state of Texas! A few months later, we were re-opened in the beautiful and amazing town of Houston! We were welcomed with open arms from the wonderful people and ever loving fandom community!

Now here we are!

We here at Collection Affection offer beautiful and awesome collectibles and goodies as well as other products we believe in the quality of and that we knoe you'll love too!

We appreciate every customer of ours to the fullest. We know that when it comes to collecting, there are countless places to pick up your plushies, cards, figures and other goodies from, so it means a lot that you chose to visit Collection Affection as a source for more!

We firmly believe that a business is only as happy as the customers that visit tend to be, you fans mean a lot to Collection Affection entirely! We hope to keep serving all of you to our fullest potential to the end of time!

Thanks so much for visiting our shop, and remember "Keep on collecting!"

You truly are what makes us great!
Oscar Lepe,
Collection Affection Co-Owner and Founder